Dr John Broomhall - former President of Torquay & District Medical Society

Dr John Broomhall - Obituary

On 29th March this year we were treated to a fascinating, light hearted and lively look at the lives and deaths of many famous rock stars, including clips of some music and the odd sing-a-long.
What made this amazing talk all the more remarkable was that, as John Broomhall entertained us all, he knew he was dying. But many of the audience, even qualified doctors, did not pick this up.
He was even asked whether he could repeat the talk to other groups next year. Sadly he died on 8th June.
John was a long standing committee member of the Torquay and District Medical Society and was President in the year 2009-10.
He qualified from The London Hospital in 1975 and was appointed as a consultant paediatrician at Torbay in 1985. He was the medical director of the trust for six years and finally retired in 2012 after twenty seven years.
He was always approachable and friendly whether to patients, hospital colleagues or GPs. Junior staff enjoyed working for him and many local GPs owe their paediatric skills to his caring approach.
He will be keenly missed at the Torquay and District Medical Society as well as by everyone who knew him.
Our sympathy goes out to his wife Vivienne and their three adult children.