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Torquay & District Medical Society is a social and educational society for members of the medical profession in the Torquay area.

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Our Next Event

Dinner at the Imperial Hotel, Torquay

Followed by a talk from Mr Ian Fraser

Mr Ian Fraser- April speaker at Torquay & District Medical Society

Thursday 25th April 2019

Nelson's Doctors

In 1794 Captain Horatio Nelson writing to his friend, The Duke of Clarence, declared “One plan I pursue, never to employ a Doctor…” but there are at least 48 references to him seeking medical help apart from the numerous informal chats concerning his ailments aboard ship.
Ian's talk will review the medical involvement in four of his mishaps
  • his blind eye,
  • the amputated arm,
  • a head injury
  • his death at Trafalgar
Ian will present some aspects of Nelson’s judgement and management skills in action.
In 1801, whilst moored in Torbay before the Battle of Copenhagen, he received the news which ultimately leads us to another naval surgeon hitherto largely ignored in the Nelson story.
All will be revealed on the night…
After qualifying at Barts in 1969, Ian abandoned an early career in Obstetrics and Gynaecology to take refuge in general surgery where he specialised in Colo-proctology as a consultant in Warwick.
In the summer he aims to be a fair-weather sailor but during the winter months gets embroiled in exploring Naval history, especially that of Admiral Nelson and his contemporaries.

Torquay & District Medical Society
Annual General Meeting

Torquay & District Medical Society will hold it's AGM at 6:30pm on Thursday 25th April at the Imperial Hotel, Torquay.

The meeting will be be followed by the April meeting of the Society (see above for details).
The meeting is open to all members of the Society.
Please notify the Secretary if you wish to attend by clicking the link below.

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